Marketing Manager
Project Manager
JN -102020-250

Items the Marketing Manager must possess:

Marketing Manager Must Haves:

      Be highly creative and able to think outside of the supposed “box”

      Understands the companies brand and is inspired to create really cool sh*^ that embodies the brand

      Be detail-oriented and organized

      Able to efficiently manage multiple on-going projects and meet deadlines

      Understanding of Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop)

      Understanding of social media platforms

      Be complementary to Business Development

      Be a positive representation of values in every way – appearance, knowledge, values

      Previous experience (does not have to be specific to construction industry)

      Have the ability to develop best in class deliverables

      Be a team player and committed to the success of the company

Marketing Manager Wants:





      Presentation skills

      Bursting with the zeal to share ideas

      Clear understanding of social trends


      Think & Create Amazing Work!

o      Thinking outside of the box of what is typical, and creating something better and unique

o      Creating deliverables that make the recipient say “WOW”

      Marketing and Collateral material

o      Compiling standardized deliverables (Proposals, Statement Of Qualifications, resumes, testimonials, project write-up, etc).

o      Coordinate project photography and cinematography.

      Create project / industry-specific collateral deliverables

o      Industry niche marketing pieces (renovation, ground up, re-position, etc).

o      Industry sector marketing pieces (retail, education, hospitality, etc).

o      Create best-in-market deliverables

o      Develop template for project case studies & create individual project case studies.

      Project Presentations:

o      Work with business development team to design and compile RFP responses

o      Work with business development team to design and compile project presentations

o      Assist in presentation process

      Assist Business Development Efforts

o      Work in collaboration with business development team and client interaction

o      Work closely with business development on growth pursuits and strategy


o      Continual oversight of website to maintain relevant content and best-in-class appearance

o      Project page, imagery, personnel updates

o      Content control

      Social Media:

o      Manage social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).

o      Manage the companies Blog

o      Create high quality social media content consistent with brand

o      Enhance company visibility

o      Push company PR, project photos, case studies through platforms

Certis Solutions is looking for a Marketing Manager who is highly creative, organized and detail-oriented. Someone who can create unique marketing campaigns and produce engaging content to deliver to the market. Someone who thrives in working in a fast-paced and collaborative environment and who sees the value in creating something with a team.

Accountable for:

      Creating and assembling client deliverables (print and electronic)

      Compiling RFP (Request For Proposal) responses

      Designing & creating project / industry specific collateral

      Creating project presentations (elevate our presentations to get new business)!

      Coordinating project closeout (client surveys, photographs, client gifts)

      Coordination with 3rd party creative film content creators

      Drafting press releases and handling all PR campaigns

      Website content updates and blog

      Intranet content updates and blog

      Social media campaigns (connect with customers & fans)

      Creating and designing all branding materials

      Maintaining all internal marketing content (personnel resumes, SOQs, testimonials,…)

Bachelor's Degree is Preferred