BIM Manager
Project Manager
JN -122020-277

Certis Solutions is seeking a BIM Manager to serve as the go-to person for setting up project specific guidelines and for linking information across departments

  • Ensure that staff take ownership of and are responsible for their modeling.
  • Supervise technical teams and provide project support as necessary.
  • Assist Project Managers on technical delivery.
  • Assist the Director on development and management of the BIM standards, protocols and templates.
  • Suggest modeling/project solutions based on best practices and approved standards.
  • Liaison and consulting across IT teams, systems administrators, clients and contractors.
  • Work with the Director to support, and potentially manage, an internal training curriculum, and assist in managing compliance for all design team members.
  • Be involved in setting up every project in the office.
  • Periodically audit all projects.
  • Work with the Director to suggest and introduce new software, processes, and functionality to improve approaches to problem solving and service delivery.
  • Maintain knowledge and involvement in current industry-wide BIM solutions and trends.
  • Create Revit Families in response to project need.
  • Manage and Maintain Revit Family Library.
  • Provide technical orientation to New Hires regarding Revit Tools.

  • Must understand how to use Revit and BIM workflows as a communication tool both between
  • those working in a model, and the recipients of the output of that model.
  • Understand that there will be different work practices for individual projects based on
  • complexity of the project and ability of staff working on it.
  • Maintain skills and intimate knowledge of how the office operates by actively engaging in
  • projects.
  • Must possess proven communication and presentation skills, and must possess excellent user
  • interaction skills.
  • Can assess team requests against the real-world outcome they are trying to achieve; offer
  • solutions that are workflow and work method based, not just technical solutions.
  • Ascertain the return on investment of a given request – Is it worth the time? Then, if
  • appropriate, suggest alternatives that achieve the same outcome more efficiently.

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience using a 3D modeling platform for construction is required.
  • Advanced degree in related field is preferred.